Our Process

Our process is very straight forward and is outlined below:

  • A current or potential customer orders item(s) requiring an FFL for transfer.
  • When ordering from a supplier who has our FFL information on file, typically nothing further is needed and the supplier will ship your item directly to us.
  • If the supplier does not have our information, they will ┬ácontact us and request a copy of our FFL. If you are asked to provide our contact information, you can provide the information found on our Contact Us page. Once we have provided our information to requestor, they will ship your item to us.
  • When we receive your item, we record the item in our acquisition and disposition records and you are notified of its receipt.
  • We communicate with the customer and an appointment is set for completing the ATF required documentation and background check.
  • During our scheduled appointment, the customer completes ATF Form 4473 Firearm Transaction Record and background check is performed by submission to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
    • The ATF requires a three day wait unless the transferee meets specific conditions which allow waiving the wait period.
    • If your item is received with an invoice indicating the purchase date, we will retain a copy of the invoice and use it as record of the purchase date. This action, in many cases, prevents a wait for the customer when they do not meet the conditions allowing waiving of the wait period.
  • Once we receive a background check approval, we release your firearm to you.